What's the difference after all ?

Eventer is 7 months old now, and the app doesn’t stop to get more downloads and to seduce more people and companies.
But sometimes people get confused about what Eventer brings compare to other “options” such as Dropbox, WhatsApp… We had some people asking us “Cool, but we can do it on Facebook, WhatsApp, Dropbox, email… can’t we ?”. Well... yes you can, but you’ll lose time and it will be a mess to manage the monster you created !
If you tried these solutions you know it’s a tough path to gather all the photos. And you know why, don’t you ?


WhatsApp is a great tool to communicate, that’s why near 1 billion people are using it around the world. But it’s a messaging app, not made to share albums. I’m sure you already used WhatsApp to share all the pictures you took during a trip, wedding, party or whatever. Recently they changed the system which obliged you to send only 10 photos at the same time, great news !

But there are still other annoying things, all the photos are directly save…

Eventer the free solution to share pictures easily


What is Digital Entertainment after all ?

Everyday, andfor the last decades, technology gave us the opportunity to access a vast range of entertainment.
Anyone can do anything from their computers or devices, it’s now easy to reach an audience when you know that half of the population have access to internet.
People have a tremendous range of choices about digital entertainment nowadays. And every kind of entertainment.
They used to have few choices and were restricted to limited options. With this constant evolution of the digital technology, entertainment has changed too. Digital technology has made the marketplace of entertainment into something bigger which encompasses a vast sort of old and new options with endless possibilities, such as gaming, TV, VOD, streaming services, all sort of app…

So, what is Digital entertainment after all ? Digital entertainment is a type of entertainment which is closely linked with amusement and/or enjoyment present on our electronic devices such as computers, tablets, smart phones, laptops… The…